Part D, Chapter 15: What… is this a comedy now?

Continuing Readers: An update in which someone loses his pants. Read here.
New Readers: Start here to read. Learn about this webserial here.

Random entertainment:
The creator for Suzy’s box pinch-hit this week as a guest commentator on a Webfiction World podcast. She actually let some information out about Creative Wenches and our super secret ninja connections. Take a listen to it if you have some time.

Anime Weekend Atlanta: Are you there, going to be there? If so, come to see me in Island E (see map) and get your free bookmark. You’ll have to answer a really BRIEF question but any of you caught up will have no problem with it 🙂

Schedule shift: Next month I will likely have to move to Monday updates. Because of all these weekend activities, trying to get something up Sunday becomes almost impossible if I’m not able to finish final edits on the weekends. Best way again to stay in the loop on the updates is actually to “subscribe” (go up to the menu). You will get push notices via email or whatever XML/RSS service you read. Of course, you can always follow Twitter and facebook too (if you can figure out how to deal with the new Facebook feeds -_-).

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