Chapter 15 update! Testosterone again.

Continuing Readers: Lots of “eyes full of daggers” business here.
New Readers: Start here to read. Learn about this webserial here.

For those who want to read this story on their mobile phone/tablet and without squinting as much as viewing it through the website, this story is now almost completely mirrored on the Wattpad site. I’ve been posting whole chapters, but am now breaking it down to biweekly updates there. If you are a Wattpad user, please make sure to share/like/comment there so I know to keep updating there. (This website always takes priority in terms of updates, so it’s best to check here for the latest and the weirdest news.) In case you forget, I’ll add the Wattpad contact to the right so you can always come back later!

Also, Sharon Rose posted a guest blog of mine a few days ago. You’re welcome to read it here.  I’d also ask you to take a look at her site. She has a lot of blogs, stories, and other stuff from herself and others.

Other than that, here’s the broken record portion of the post.
Anime Weekend Atlanta! I’ll be there in Island E of the Artist Alley.  Currently I’m doing con prep (and making more art prints because I’m a masochist), but I will do what I can to keep the posts on Sunday next week and Monday (more likely) the following week. I’ll tweet the latest ETAs for the installments should things change from the norm.

If you missed it before, Suzy’s Box creator recast Edmund and has been going wild with her alternate reviews/versions of the storyline to date. She is open to requests, I believe. Go nuts. Make me laugh. Make her laugh. Make others weep.

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