Update Chapter 17 – The rules of magic

Continuing readers:  The instructor speaks, but in the telling, there are always more questions and concerns that emerge.  (And boy, the man can talk.)  Continue here

New readers: A story of a once upon a time, faraway place begins here. Learn about this webserial here.

A few requests: One of the webcomics I have been following and supporting started its Indiegogo campaign to print its 3rd chapter. If any of you haven’t yet checked out Amya, Indiegogo campaign!

As for me, whee… this week’s update was surprisingly different and long. My apologies, but the Count and I share some nerdy tendencies, one of which is to babble like a nerd about things that interest us. If you do enjoy the update, please remember to vote for the story at topwebfiction (link will be at the end or is to the right). Want to scare the pants off the webfic world x).

Last, but not least. Something really doofy behind the “read more”:

lego cast


Update Chapter 17 – The rules of magic — 4 Comments

  1. I am, but I donated my Lego collection. I miss it at times. I think once I’m done with university I’ll start it up again. 🙂

    • Yeah, my sister and I had a lego set growing up but it’s been passed on to some younger “kids”. That said, I just went and splurged on some more just to make funny settings for my lego peeps. xD