Chapter 17, Part D: I never met a lion I didn’t like…

Continuing readers:  Mr. Lion lacks a name, Mr. Lion is quite tame.  Will the next Mr. Lion be the same?   (Sick of my riddle? Oh fiddle! )  Dear readers, continue here!

New readers:  No, it’s not all sillness really. (Just occasionally.)  A story of a once upon a time, faraway place begins here. Learn about this webserial here.

Huzzah, random blather!
I believe I will take off next week, if only to allow you to catch up, let myself write on a holiday schedule this week, and possibly spend some time doodling, making ridiculous stage sets for my Lego versions of the primary characters, and recalibrating/rereading stuff. [Writing this off an outline in sequential order. HARD STUFF.]  

Even if I don’t update the text next Monday, I will try to drop in a post on Tuesday/Wednesday with something fun, so remember to check back sometime next week. (I’ll plan to post the next update the following Monday in the New Year.)   I forgot what else I think I wanted to flag for all of you, but I wanted to wish you all a wonderful Christmas weekend (for those that celebrate) and a rocking few days off. 

*goes off to roar like some silly lions*


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