Update, More to the Monsters in My Backyard

Some can be cuddly (figuratively) and some can look quite human.

Continuing Readers: Peek at them here .  And no biting. D: (Psst, are any of you in the group googling their way here instead of coming through a site? Are you Wattpadders? Trying to figure out a blip in my google analytics statistics. Much obliged if you leave a comment for me explaining how you otherwise saw this story previously!)

New readers: This is the story of a lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman who wears the red riding hood. Start your journey here.

Puzzled as to what the heck is a webserial, who the heck is the author, and what the heck this story is?  Check under Extras!


Update, More to the Monsters in My Backyard — 4 Comments

  1. Long time lurker, first time commenter! I’ve been too lazy to subscribe/bookmark the site, and so I come via google each time. I use chrome and for some reason instead of the url coming up it just routes me through google.

    • ahhh. makes sense. I switched to chrome recently and can understand how this might happen. It’s helpful to know this though — makes me glad I picked an easy to recall name for the site 🙂

      I am too lazy to bookmark too so I set up RSS/Google Reader to just manage all the various things I follow. 😉

      Anyways, thanks for delurking and letting me know!

    • Ah – good to know. I guess it points out the relative importance of having a site with a name that can be remembered, having relevant keywords, and praying for a little luck to be listed high enough in Google xD.