The mess that we leave behind – Update to Chapter 19

My apologies. Some of you have gotten quite used to seeing “Monday’s” update early, but I was entertaining a little sprite of a sibling this past weekend and my brain is very deprived of sleep and editing skills. I am going with this update, even though I would like to play with this a bit more Dx.

And on a random note, if you wish to know what I sound like, you can listen to me ramble my way through the Webfiction World podcast here. I believe we were supposed to be discussing monsters, but I think we might as well have been talking about nearly anything and everything my random mind could toss at the poor host. xD. I hope you enjoy.

Continuing Readers: I believe some of you will wish to strangle me. Read and scream here

New readers: This is the story of a lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman who wears the red riding hood. Start your journey here.

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The mess that we leave behind – Update to Chapter 19 — 3 Comments

  1. I can’t speak (type?) for any of the others but I don’t mind at all that you spent some time with family. When not driving us crazy, family can be quite useful for keeping us from going crazy.

    • Some family can be good at keeping us sane while oftentimes some family can make one insane xD.

      Pretty much though I know I’ve been conditioning folks to expect that I post early and not late… but I have to make exceptions and this was one of them. It’s not often the little sprite comes to visit, so the sprite must be afforded as much attention as possible 🙂 Thanks though for understanding!