Chapter 20, Part C: Do loose ends bite?

Continuing Readers: This is one of those situations where in spite of my best efforts to run forward, a particular character insisted I dawdle a bit longer. Character:1. Author: 0     Read my concession here.

New readers: This is the story of a lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman who wears the red riding hood. Start your journey here.  All your questions about this serial and the meaning of life can be answered under Extras!

Randoms stuffs:   Seriously whacked Ilva chibi art here !

Please note that I will be taking an epic trip in April that means I will be unable to post story updates on the 23rd and 30th. (At this time I do plan to schedule an installment to go up on the 16th.)  That said I would like to try to leave you with something of a present every week while I am gone and want some feedback to define what that might be. The list —

  • A rough working draft of the opening sections of The Sleeping Prince, a related series that occurs PRIOR to the events of the current serial.
  • Concept art for several of the next book’s characters
  • An excerpt of a Q&A with Wolfram and Edmund in which several members of the Creative Wenches “interviewed” the characters. (I did this as part of my exploration of the two characters but it may be somewhat spoilery.)
  • Answers to your questions (in which case, leave a LAUNDRY LIST BELOW) 🙂


Chapter 20, Part C: Do loose ends bite? — 4 Comments

  1. Wanted to let you know I got my package today! Love the sketch cards and thanks so much for all the little extras too!

    Hope you enjoy your epic trip – I’d love to see your concept art.

    • Glad to hear that! 🙂 concept art will be rough, but okay. I’ll go dig up some sketches that I’ve hidden away and doodle up some new ones.