Under the wire! Chapter 27, Part A: Curiosity

Well, tired from a fun and busy convention! I am not sure if people will turn over the bookmarks I tossed their way to come visit this site, but I will hope that some people might be curious enough to surf through.

Continuing Readers: I knew coming into the weekend that this update would be questionable to begin with and then of uncertain length, but I had not expected to have so little time to prep this one once I had committed to try to update. In interest of being on schedule, I’ve skipped the extra two days I like to leave to keep tinkering with the language. My apologies for some of the bumps. But in any case Read here and vote to see work from Liz Tecca of sol-niger.com!

New readers: A lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman with a red riding hood cross paths. Start your journey into their strange world here.

Other stuff:

Webfiction World approached me some time ago about permission to feature this serial on their podcast. As it turns out, they are looking for a new reader. It is a tough assignment, I know. This is probably one LONG serial to undertake, but if you want to spread the word and help them find a way to bring this story to an audio format, please point to this link: http://www.webcastbeacon.com/looking-for-a-new-webfiction-reader-for-the-webfiction-world-podcast/

Comic Rocket has kindly agreed to include this serial into their listing. It’s not all that common to have serials participate in their program, so I’m kind of tickled by the inclusion! So for those of you who are regular comic readers and can never remember where you are, you can use that to track your other comics and track this story. The Tales link is at https://www.comic-rocket.com/explore/tales-of-the-big-bad-wolf/.

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