Massive update: Chapter 27 and Chapter 28

Continuing Readers: More than a year and half ago, I wrote the third installment of “The Wolf Past.” I knew once I hit this part that the past story would be wrapped up for our lead character. I had not meant to let so much get in between parts II and III but the characters wandered, enriching their own stories at my sanity’s and life’s expense (haha), before I found a place to bring it all back together.

NOTE: There will be four pages to navigate this week and I must warn that the last installment is not for the young. Finish Chapter 27 here, then plow through all three parts of Chapter 28, before kindly voting at Topwebfiction to see more work from Liz Tecca of!

New readers: A lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman with a red riding hood cross paths. Join us on their journey into their strange and changing world over here.

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