Chapter 30, Part B – Elanore, light and brave

Continuing Readers:  Thank you to all who responded to the last thread about covers.  Your feedback was so helpful! You can still voice your input by going to the previous post.

As for this week, a long post. I had two weeks off to think about Elanore and who she was and is when she uses her gifts to the best of her current capabilities. If you want to have fun, listen to “Skyworld” which I used to help me revise this latest section. (I owe “Two Steps from Hell,” Alexander Desplat, and Hiroyuki Sawano much thanks for keeping me company these past two years as I spent hours in revisions for each installment.) This post also includes a link to vote for this story and view the second to last of the Anime Weekend Atlanta guest commissions.   [ETA: Did I not post Ilva and Max? If I haven’t, BIG OOPS.]

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