Chapter 32 update!

Continuing readers:  Read much awkwardness here.   The Ask-A-Count page is still up for you to play with (or simply read). Some good questions have been asked so far about the world itself and the Count is not annoyed so he’ll keep showing up there to participate :).

New readers: A lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman with a red riding hood cross paths. Join us on their journey into their strange and changing world. START HERE. 

Webcast Beacon reading updated: Listen to Chapter 3  here

Wenches: So I missed this last week, but Activated is done, done, done. The lady beat me to completion not just once but twice! I’m sure EK would appreciate reads as well as some congrats. AND – I finally got my hard copy of “Ghost Tiger” from TE Waters. It’s lurvely folks.. and well worth it as a read. You think I write abstract symbolic fantasy, SHE WINS.

Convention alert – I’ll be in the artist alley at Momocon , March 2013, Atlanta, GA. This year we’ll be in an annex of the Dealer’s room, so NOOOOOOOO excuses this time for any of you locals.  I’ll be continuing to give away bookmarks and will have some Wolf button sets too!



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    • Awesome! Make sure to actually mention yourself by name. I will gladly doodle something for you 🙂