Chapter 32, conclusion

Continuing readers:   Elanore fangirled this week’s update. I shall not tell you why.   The Ask-A-Count page will be closed shortly (after the last question is answered).  Special thanks to TE Waters for playing Bors, the very mischievous lion. If the Count permits, perhaps Bors will appear again soon :-).

New readers: A lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman with a red riding hood cross paths. Join us on their journey into their strange and changing world. START HERE

Webcast Beacon reading updated: Listen to Chapter 3  hereFor those of you who have been following, a bit of feedback would be welcome.  I think our poor producer is looking for a good place to break the narrations (otherwise he will be at this forever). If you have suggestions for a good break in the serial, please leave them here!

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