Final steps, Chapter 33: Monsters in Our Midst Part 1/2

New readers: A lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman with a red riding hood cross paths. You are not too late to join us on a journey into a strange and changing world. START HERE

Continuing readers:   We are near the end. After this update, there will be one equally enormous one to finish this chapter, and one-two lesser updates after that, followed by my notes.

I’m very happy to have come this far.  I hope you are too, particularly those of you who joined me early on. (200,000 words guys! TWO NOVELS.)    This week’s update is a doozy at 5000+ words.  I hope in spite of some of its quirkiness you find it an interesting and enjoyable read. (I enjoyed writing it immensely.)  Next week’s post will likely be equally lengthy. (It is almost done.)

If you have not considered it already, please leave a few paragraphs of review at Webfiction Guide.  (You can always update it in case you hate my ending xD.)

See you guys next week. I’m excited . (Like those lions!)



Final steps, Chapter 33: Monsters in Our Midst Part 1/2 — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my god, the end is near?!
    I was so hoping this would still go on for a few more weeks at least … *sigh* So I’ll have to hope you won’t make us wait too long for the sequel!

    • Well, I cut the extra few weeks by deciding to cram everything into fewer updates :). While I thought about just going with the regular length updates, I felt it would read much better if I gave you the two big chunks at one time.

      As for the sequel, I hope to get it started again this year. Just not sure when as of yet.

      • This year … is still pretty long! So if you are not sure if you get it going within this time … *siiiiigh* Well. Guess I’ll have to read some regular books in between 🙂 Which reminds me – still thinking about a BoD publication or something along this line?

        • LOL. I can’t commit to a start time other than “Fall” at this point. A few things need to happen first from my end in terms of planning or I will have a lot of false starts with the next serial.

          And yes, I think the POD is going to happen. I may do an early copy for conventions (i.e., what I call a review draft) but still mulling through it for the moment.