Red Riding Hood Ebook + Book Notes (Authorial confessions)

New readers: A lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman with a red riding hood cross paths. You are just in time to finish their first major adventure. START HERE

Veteran readers! 

  • New Podcast/Webcast reading of Red Riding Hood is up at the Webcast Beacon! Please let Fes know all his work is appreciated by dropping him a note, For all episodes, see this page.
  • WHOA. The Ebook version is up at Smashwords.  It’s not a perfect ebook (Chapter 7 refuses to show up in the TOC).  Note that Chapters 1-4 have been revised slightly for style and consistency.  I hope to have caught the mistakes from later chapters, but I appreciate your eagle eyes on the ebook copy as well as reviews on Smashwords and other platforms as the book (hopefully) appears elsewhere. 
  • Ebook Coupon: The book is currently priced at USD $2.99.  I have a time-limited coupon that makes it free to loyal readers, but you need to get a contact to me at which I can message or email you the code. (The tracking of the coupon will simply help me have visibility on effectiveness of the coupon.)  You can either leave an email or twitter handle here (or even deviantart account), or reach me through the site email. 
  • Paperback: I’m developing a proof copy at Createspace. The bad news is that it is 400+ pages. Doing the numbers, this is going to put it close to at least 15 dollars USD to avoid losing money on the distribution. For now, I’m just going to run proofs and see if the quality is worth it. 
  • Start for Volume 2:  I’m operating under the idea that I will have enough planning under my belt and concrete material to start volume 2 early summer. I’m hoping for first week of May but will be posting other stuff biweekly until then.
  • Folks newer to the site should read the story “Unicorns Walk Among Us” as some of the events have bearing on the next story arc. 



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  1. ooohhhh Could I please get a code? If it is still possible. Your story is so neat! I promise I’m a returning reader

    • Okay, will email it to you. You guys will be both able to use the same code. And if you use Smashwords, please make sure to remember to rank/review or whatever it is they do :).