Guest Art for Swan Queen and Update – The Good Mate, Part 2/?

New readers: A lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman with a red riding hood cross paths. START HERE.

Veteran readers!

  • Ebooks are up.  See the “Store“.
  • The Good Mate serial continues with Part 2Giles meanders a bit off course. Make sure to click the vote button to see artwork from Liz Tecca (featuring two different looks for the Swan Queen at my request) and some conceptual work from a few years back.

Sorry about the confusion with last week. It’s my intent to post serial updates biweekly, but I will begin posting other stuff in the off weeks. (In other words – come back every Monday!)
March began on a crazy note with work travel and then prep for Momocon, followed by Momocon this weekend. As such, my schedule is terrible at the moment and I’m trying to find quiet time to sleep, prep, and draft notes/sketch…

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