Image inspiration, Queen of Swans

New readers: Before there might be a queen, first there must be a king.  Read a tale of a  lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman with a red riding hood who cross paths one fateful winter. (Click the icon!)

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  • Last week’s update: Giles stirs up drama in The Good Mate. He proves that around him, life is one romantic comedy.
  • This week’s update:  Image board started at Pinterest for Queen of Swans  and two sketches of an unnamed knight are provided below the cut!

This gentleman is a knight in the service of the Queen of Swans, but exactly what his relationship is to her is ambiguous to everyone else who knows the two of them AND, at the moment, I am honestly undecided which character to match the design to.   Tell me what you think or hope for when you look at the two images.    (And I apologize for the generic similarity to the Count AND Edmund. Eventually in time as I draw “The Knight” more and more I hope to differentiate him as I figure out exactly WHICH role he plays.)





Image inspiration, Queen of Swans — 1 Comment

  1. Based on general observations, I could see the knight (1) being a”big brother” type figure to the Swan Queen, or (2) the flirty, roguish type of guy. It would be interesting to see you develop the character beyond these generic archetypes, however.