Sleeping Beauty continues

First time visitors: You are welcome to join us above, or start with Volume 1: “Red Riding Hood” here. Hope you enjoy!

Continuing Readers:  I am still somewhere on vacation.  Please use this time to catch up on “Red Riding Hood” or “Queen of Swans“.  And if you’ve done that, I suppose I might interest you in the next update for “Sleeping Beauty.”  Chapter 3 Part A is here.  (If you have not yet started this work, please see the table of contents.)

Anime Weekend Atlanta!!

As of this posting, I’m not sure what table I’ll be at for Anime Weekend Atlanta on September 27-29.   I won’t have the final copies of the “Red Riding Hood” paperback at this convention but will have five or six proof copies available to purchase at-cost.  If you will be attending AWA and wish to reserve a copy for purchase , please let me know how best to contact you at convention to inform you where I am .

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