The Northern Forest, she bites. Chapter 8 continues in “Queen of Swans.”

Continuing Readers: If the forest had a character, I wonder what it would be?  The guild’s findings force reflection.   Chapter 8 continues (Part B)!

My apologies for such a peculiar entry considering that this week is Thanksgiving. I do wish you all the best and hope you will have a safe, healthy, and peaceful day off if you’re in the U.S. Instead of taking the week off, I hope to be back with something a little more cheerful (whether an official update or a random commentary/blurb) next week.

First time visitors: You are welcome to join us above with Volume 2, Queen of Swans, or start with Volume 1: “Red Riding Hood” here.  There is no correct path, only a  long, hopefully fun one 🙂

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