Taking a breather — Updates on Ebook, Paperback

First time readers:  You may jump in  or start with Volume 1: “Red Riding Hood” here.  

Continuing Readers:  As I warned you all last week, I am not updating tonight. You can catch up with Edmund’s shenanigans here.  I will update “Queen of Swans” next week, resuming said shenanigans :).

As promised, some good news regarding BOOKS and STUFF behind the link.

Currently I am writing to you between two events — one involving family that I hope means the last of “obligations” for a while and the other a work conference that is pretty involved.

As I have been working on reading the proof for the paperback version for the first Volume “Red Riding Hood”, I have been making some small changes to the text. For those who have been watching or reexamining older portions, they may be fairly subtle or not (ex: Chapter 32-33).

Last week, I tried to make an update to both ebook version based on this latest change. I did this because I think you guys would like to have the new version that mirrors updates on the website and the eventual print copy.

I’ve checked and it looks like both Smashwords and Amazon have approved the new update. While all you need to do within Smashwords is to go log in and access the latest update, the Kindle version will require some time for me to make a justification /request to Amazon to proactively push out an alert to you regarding the new version. It is not their general policy, as I understand it, to make updates show up automatically for you.

I will have to put together that request and see if it is accepted. However, I did hear from the forums that if the customer is aware of the update and wants it, that the Support can honor a customer request to allow them to obtain the newest version of the ebook.  You may be able to obtain that latest copy way ahead of whatever process I can follow with Kindle .

proofAs for the printed copy, another proof arrived in the past few days. After a year of being delayed with respect to editing (thanks to family stuff), I think we’re finally closing on the paper book release. My thanks to Grimoire again for his help on checking for mistakes, particularly on the revised last few chapters.

I have some additional color corrections to make on the cover and have decided to reread the entire proof again for smaller errors. I am going to be fairly aggressive about this as I want to have these hard copies in hand at Momocon in Atlanta, GA this year.  This means I will do my best to continue serializing weekly but my posts may err back towards the shorter side (as opposed to double or triple-length updates.) 

It is my plan to make these paper copies available through Createspace and/or Amazon but this limits me to US/Canada and Europe for now. That is, sadly, a tradeoff I have to make as an independent publisher. I will have to investigate shipping to other regions and other options for distribution. 


Lastly — the Storenvy has remained closed for a long time and I have not made any product available because of my lack of time to handle shipping. After Momocon, I will temporarily open up  for orders on the 4 badge 1.25 inch button set (seen to the left). 

I’m thinking about a few things regarding the “store” for this serial in the background.  I am contemplating taking another year off conventions to create a greater range of fairy-tale related product and want to know your general interest in product types.

For those who have been here since the beginning, you know I’ve stocked stickers (vinyl decals), charms, and badges. 

vinylcharms I did not restock these once they ran out because the main avenue for selling has been conventions where tastes have shifted unpredictably. In addition, I wanted to revisit some of the designs for some of the characters before offering them again.

As I change my approach to conventions, I want to think more about what/how to offer items. Please let me know what you personally would be interested in seeing even if it’s “More of the same” or something else.  You can always reach me via email, twitter, or even post here.

And again, apologies for not even having a smooshy doodle tonight. Catch you on the other side of work hell!



Taking a breather — Updates on Ebook, Paperback — 2 Comments

  1. Your apologies are uncalled for. I believe that I speak for us all when I thank you for your hard and diligent work with the paperback/updated version of this book. As for suggestions on the product side of things: One can never have too many bookmarks.

    • 🙂 suggestions noted. I also am finishing up a box of 500 bookmarks and will have to revisit those. (The last set were freebies.) I think the real issue is I have to find some really hard core time to draw draw draw.

      As for the apologies, the lions demanded I do that. They’re really miffed that I couldn’t even scratch out something with their bee-yew-tee-ful likenesses. Had I not been so jetlagged from flying around the country, I might have been able to draw last night but I fell asleep instead like an old grandma on my bed