Chapter 14, The Moving Shadows – “The Queen of Swans”

New readers:

Explore a fantasy world full of the tales that you only thought you knew. Start with Volume 1: “Red Riding Hood” here or consult the “Guide for New Readers” above. Thank you for stopping by!

Continuing Readers:

People will do what they want even when others know it isn’t in their best interests. Read the beginning of Chapter 14 of “The Queen of Swans” here.

In a week or two I will be able to talk about the paperback of “Red Riding Hood” and where it will become available. The paperback itself is a very nice product — about 500 pages long and two pounds in weight. Believe me, I’ve been carrying around many iterations of proofs the last six months and while I’m sure it’s not perfect, I’m happy to be trying to wrap that up and give some books homes.

In the meantime, you wanna know something cool? If you’ve been watching Twitter, Sir Grimoire is back with some really awesome art in progress! *pokes at the chibis*

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