Chapter 16, An unplanned introduction

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Thanks everyone for your patience. Specific thanks to those of you left kind comments for me while I was away dealing with family issues. I decided to post this today rather than making you all wait another day (been long enough)!

Sixteen is a bit of a strange departure from the outline I had been using. In a way, this chapter begins with a “lift” and glance at outside forces. I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the inner triangle of Wolf/Hunter/Little Red Riding Hood but there is a larger relational triangle that drives or will drive the last half of this book and part of the next. (For the more compulsive link-clickers among you, you’ll recall that I’ve hinted at that relational triangle at least once in my random tumblr doodling :3.)

Admittedly, I had wanted to keep a certain character a little bit more separate until Book 2, but her faction wanted to make an (unplanned and limited) appearance.

On a final note, I will do another sketch giveaway this month of November using two things I drew while at Anime Weekend Atlanta. They’re grey copic marker sketches (4×6 size) of Elanore and the Count. You can see them here. This time it will be a straight website entry where I’ll put up a post and do a random drawing from the respondents to that post :). I’ll likely put that post/link up mid-week so keep your eyes peeled here on Wed or Thursday.

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