The sketch giveaway


Alrighty – the lovely pair of copic sketches are up for grabs. All you need to do is leave a comment on THIS post. (If you’re a first time poster, don’t fret as it will ‘moderate’ your comment but I’ll unscreen it once I’ve verified you’re a real human being and not some robot :p). I’ll be referring to this post until Thanksgiving (after which I’ll close the comments.) If you get drawn randomly, you will need respond within a week  after I contact you offline with your mailing address.

Thanks for your interest!

And yes, if you somehow missed that I came back, go catch up on Sixteen!

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The sketch giveaway — 21 Comments

  1. Hello, sgl. I have been reading and enjoying your webnovel for a while now. I am very much impressed with your worldbuilding and character development. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    P.S. My email is ryuuseiu.x[@]

  2. I have been reading your webnovel for awhile but once I caught up wasn’t able to wait a week for another installment. So with that said what does a girl do? 🙂 She waits a couple weeks between readings and gets drawn anew into your interesting process and world everytime.

    • 🙂 Delurker!

      Your addresses actually are in the db once you post (so it knows to leave you be the next time)… so no need to post your actual email address at all .Sorry about the confusion there folks. Thanks!

      • Ohhh! 🙂 I had to read through some of the comments to get that you were calling ME a Delurker. I will try and comment more often but I only speak/type 🙂 when I can be beneficial.

        • xD There are quite a few of you in this post… it makes me happy to know that there are REAL people out there behind all the random traffic hits and such (and not spammers :D).

          No worries about commenting though all the time. Just seeing new faces was a very cool surprise 😀

  3. COMMENT! I want one! *squee.

    I’m intrigued to see how the lion’s play a part in the future.

  4. I also can’t wait to see what further part the lions will play in the Future of this story. Why do I keep hoping that one of them bonds with our heroine??

    • Secretly they possess the souls of fuzzy kittens so you absolutely know that they will appear again and take over the entire story xD.
      (Actually one or more appear in short order)

  5. I want one of the lions to attach to the heroine and follow her around and give her rides and such… I think it would be funny if it rolled aver and begged for a tummy rub XD

  6. To tell the truth, I never comment on my web comics, though I really probably should…

    I can’t pass up the opportunity to not only win some of your art, but to chat with the author!


      Glad you are enjoying the story! Hopefully have more art to giveaway next month (as I travel for Thanksgiving, I’ll probably have more time to doodle…)
      As for a chat, sure, ask away!

  7. And I feel guilty, but I haven’t read the novel in a while. *^* Evil last semester of school, keeping me deadly busy, no time for enjoy my favorite things. As horrible as it seems, I can’t wait to start work, so I have time to do nice things, like sleep and read things that require me to remember plots.