Conclusion, Chapter 17 and hellllooo 2012

Sometimes plans go awry. Sometimes they go awry in the favor of the reader and not the author. Two days ago I thought I was wrestling what appeared to be a double sized update and told those of you on Facebook and Twitter about it.  However, as I tried to flesh out new characters and a new interpersonal dynamic, my longwinded nature started to balloon out of control.    You now have three times the normal text to read. Enjoy my pretties, enjoy.

Continuing readers:  Be prepared to be bashed with overt Arthurian allusions and an ending sentence that feels like it’s more out of Vonnegut than Austen. Lovers of breakfast food, you will rejoice. The rest of you take a deep breath and read here!

New readers: Begin reading a story of a very mixed up, once upon a time, faraway place here. Learn about this webserial here!

And everyone, happy new year!

ETA: I have neglected the art galleries for a time.  I’ve gone ahead and added pieces related to the other stories (planned or written) in this universe. As for various WIPs for the current story arc, will add them in once I’ve determined what pile to sort them into.

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