Chapter 18, Part A: Evenfall (And we slide, oh we slide…)

It’s hard getting rid of lions…

Continuing readers:  One question is answered in such a subtle and sneaky way that you may blow by it without noticing unless I tell you IT’S THERE.  Anyways, read the surprise double-sized update here!  And please kindly vote for the story at Top Web Fiction.

New readers:  A journey of a 100,000 words begins here xD.  Begin reading a story of a very mixed up, once upon a time, faraway place here. Learn about this webserial here!

Random stuff: I posted some goofy Lego pictures on Twitter, although this is a precursor to eventual reconstruction of the figures later. (Some Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean figures get their stuff stolen to make better Lego likeness xD.)

And I believe I was going to tell you guys something else but I forgot already. I’ll edit this when I do remember.!

ETA 1: Okay, Remembered one point. The Labyrinth fans. I finally saw the movie a few weeks ago (bluray was the only way) and drew a crazy Jareth manga version on my tumbler in honor of David Bowie’s 65th birthday. haha!

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