Chapter 20: Loose Ends

Continuing Readers:   A bit of mischief on my part. Read here

New readers: This is the story of a lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman who wears the red riding hood. Start your journey here.  All your questions about this serial can be answered under Extras!

Because of Momocon this week, I believe it’s best to put off next week’s update (as this week I’m not sure I will have time to both draft and revise the next part within half the period I usually have to work on plotting, drafting, and revising the material. However, if I can put forward a good segment (even shorter) and a day later, would you prefer that? Let me know and I will tweet/facebook some update on which way I’m leaning later in the week. Thanks!

I also expect I will work on some sketches too, so if you have something you’d like to see, speak up! 😀

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