March 20: Sketch Giveaway

New readers: This is the story of a lone wolf, a hunter, and a woman who wears the red riding hood. Start your journey here.  All your questions about this serial can be answered under Extras!

Continuing Readers:    As I said last week, no update this week due to the convention prep and assorted stressing out xD.

My consolation gift to you is a chance at a set of colored sketch cards featuring FOUR characters. I will do a raffle until next week’s posting.

To enter:  Write a comment below naming all four characters. Tell me your favorite and why.

To get a second entry: Reblog/retweet/retumble/relink this post AND either link or screencap that effort. You can drop it in email if it’s easiest or add to your original comment here.

Names will be written up on a slip of paper and shoved into my magical “Once Upon a Time” tin box , shaken mightily, and then one will be drawn next Monday night 🙂 .

For those who don’t win this time around, your names will be autoentered into a second chance drawing in a few weeks (after I finish the pencil sketch that I had started while at Momocon).

Next Monday I will be back  with Elanore’s response to Edmund xD


March 20: Sketch Giveaway — 7 Comments

  1. Max Wolfram
    Elanore Redley
    Edmund Ormond

    I think Wolfram is my fave – I always like the dark, broody types.
    Hope you have a good time at the con!

    • thanks. I did! But I forgot to promote the story. I was so distracted with selling and with sketching! I’ll have to do better at the next one 🙂 And btw, at this point you are the ONLY entrant, so unless someone shows up… it’s youuuuurs.

  2. Max, Eleanore, Edmund, Ilva. I like Ilva, because she’s bringing a new curiousity to the story. She’s somewhat creepy, but seems to be doing some good in her own creepy little way. She makes you wonder.

    • LOL. She is weird. Really – she’s the female version of the Count, but perhaps with very little insight into her real thoughts.

  3. From top to bottom, Maximilian Wolfram, Ilva, Elanore Redley, and Edmund Ormond.

    My favorite is Edmund. He’s a kindly person but has his own mysterious past and role that has yet to be revealed. I am interested in what will unfold.